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The Night Note: 07/29/2011

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    New Shoulder Replacement Procedure Gives the Gift of Movement

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    Police: Makeup Thief Nabbed "A Walmart shopper apparently wanted to look good when she left the bathroom of the store in Washington Square in south Stafford early Thursday, police said. Stafford Sheriff's spokesman Bill Kennedy said the woman took more than $3,000 worth of merchandise, mostly makeup, into a bathroom. When store employees went to check on her, they heard sounds coming from a stall of boxes being opened and paper being ripped. Hundreds of different types of makeup and lipstick were in her cart."

    Stakes High for Local Economy in Debt Debate

    Washington Business Journal:   "While the stakes for the nation are high if Congress doesn’t pass a budget and raise the federal debt ceiling by Aug. 2, the Washington area is particularly vulnerable, says George Mason University  George Mason University Latest from The Business Journals ASU joins national Gig. U effort to boost economic growthContractors look for new ways to find and keep talent post-recessionFunding for secondary roads in Virginia lacking Follow this company regional economist Stephen Fuller.
    Fuller argues that if the U.S. can’t pay its bills, more than 1 million local workers could essentially be furloughed, rent checks from federal tenants could stop flowing, land values could fall, countless federal retirees may not get their checks and interest rates could spike for everyone from students to homeowners to municipalities."

    Maryland Starts Trying to get Citizens to Slim Down "Customers at Joseph Langley’s convenience store in Charles County have been taste-testing low-fat and reduced-sugar versions of their favorite snacks and drinks for a few months. Langley, owner of Joe’s Grocery and Liquor in Pomfret, said a few have made healthier choices after a taste comparison — but not many. He said he sold a few half-gallons of 1 percent milk, which has less fat than whole milk. “But the low-fat cheese hasn’t sold at all,” said Langley, who has owned the shop for more than 25 years. “Everybody down here likes their fat.”

    New $50 Fines from Alexandria Red Light Cameras

    WTOP: "Want to keep $50 in your pocket? Don't run the red light at three intersections in Alexandria starting next week. As of Monday morning, red light cameras at the intersections of Duke and South Walker streets, South Patrick and Franklin streets, and South Patrick and Gibbon streets all will start handing out $50 fines as part of the city's new red light camera program. The cameras will be operational 24 hours a day. Alexandria first installed a red light camera program at the same intersections in 2009, but it was never fully operational because of problems with the vendor American Traffic Solutions."

    Could Rustling in the Woods be a Chupacabra?

    Dorchester Star: "Despite its somewhat ominous name, Dark Road leads through a pleasant community with waterfront homes and plenty of forest and fields supporting a variety of wildlife small herds of deer, flocks of wild turkey and, possibly this summer, even a few chupacabra. Wallace Willon has long enjoyed watching the wildlife that live on his property overlooking Lee Creek. "He's a real animal lover," said his wife, Mary Lee, explaining that she has learned to follow his warnings to always drive slow along Dark Road to protect the region's wild animals."