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The Night Note: 07/28/2011

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    How Telehealth Technology is Revolutionizing Healthcare

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    Miller Predicts Passage of Md. Same-Sex Marriage Bill

    Washington Post : "Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert), an opponent of same-sex marriage, predicted Thursday that the bill would clear the General Assembly in next year’s session. Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) announced last week that he would sponsor the legislation, which failed last session in the House of Delegates after passing in Miller’s chamber.
    In an interview, Miller said O’Malley’s sponsorship would matter “not a whole lot” when the legislature debates the bill again."

    Flushing Toilets Could Add to Anacostia Toxins
    WTOP: "The poor state of the Anacostia River is not a new phenomenon, but local residents might not know they could contribute to the water's toxins every time they flush a toilet during a storm. A new report gives failing grades to the state of the river's water quality from its mouth at the Potomac River up to its crossing into Maryland. The Anacostia Riverkeeper and Anacostia Watershed Society's appraisal says local government policies to prevent toxins from seeping into the water are either poor or "unknown."
    Students Accept Cheating as They Get Older
    Washington Examiner : "Kids start to think cheating is OK as they get older, according to new data from surveys given to Fairfax County students in the sixth, eighth and 12th grades. They're also less likely to be honest with their parents, and more likely to steal and ignore rules "that get in my way." Shocking? No. But the Youth Survey quantifies how steadily and reliably children stray from ethical behavior as they become teenagers. And the Fairfax County School Board is trying to fight the trend."