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The Christmas Family Is Expanding, Maybe on Christmas Day

The Christmas family is hoping for a 25th bundle of joy



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    A young Chesterfield, Va., couple will have a special holiday this year. Joanna and Robbie Christmas are expecting a baby any day now, and they have big plans for the newborn.

    When the Christmas family saw the results of the ultra-sound, they knew what the name of the little girl would be, WWBT-TV reported.
    "We knew that when we had a little girl, we were going to name her Mary Christmas. She would be Mary Grace Christmas," Robbie said.
    You might think that's unprecedented? Or, even bizarre? Well, it's actually a family tradition.
    "My grandmother's name was Mary Christmas," father Christmas said. "She actually married into the name, and they got married on (go ahead guess?) Dec. 25, so they had fun with it. And my older sister's name is (see a pattern forming?) Mary Christmas, as well."
    But the Christmas couple said not everyone is onboard with their name, WWBT-TV reported. It has caused some controversy.
    "There's mixed feelings," Joanna said. "Some people think it's absolutely terrible, and they beg us not to do it."
    The family, including big brother Trey, said they have more than enough Christmas spirit to overcome any obstacles the name may bring.