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Texting and Driving Ban Really Works

Police in Maryland hand out 60 tickets for texting while driving



    A warning for motorists in Maryland: Don't take your chances texting while driving.

    It's illegal and police are catching drivers in the act. According to the Gazette, police in Maryland have issued 60 citations since the ban took effect on Oct. 1.

    When state Delegate Frank Turner first sponsored the bill, skeptics complained it would be tough to enforce. He told the Gazette that even if you don't catch everybody, cutting down on the number of people who text and drive is an improvement in safety. If you're caught texting and driving in Maryland, you'll be fined $500 and get one point on your driver's license. Maryland is one of 18 states that has such a ban.  

    The Gazette reports that AAA believes it's too early to tell how effective the ban really is, but says it will serve as a deterrent. Police say if they can't stop drivers for actually texting and driving, many times they can stop them for other violations, like crossing the center line.

    Bottom line is that texting and driving is a serious and dangerous distraction and police want drivers to stop now.