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Tequila Makes Man Forget He Was Stabbed

Injured man tells police he was so intoxicated he didn’t know what happened



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    A Chantilly, Va., man who was taken to the hospital suffering from stab wounds told police he was too intoxicated to know what happened.

    Nicasio Garcia-Reyes, 32, told investigators that he woke up in his home early Sunday morning feeling sick.  He soon discovered that he had several stab wounds in his chest and abdomen.  Garcia-Reyes called a friend who took him to an urgent care center.  From there, he was taken to the hospital and interviewed by police.

    Police said Garcia-Reyes, a Guatemalan national, spoke through an interpreter and told investigators that there had been a gathering of friends at his home and they were all drinking tequila.  The victim said he doesn’t remember being stabbed, nor does he have any idea who would have attacked him or why.  He even told police he wasn’t sure who or how many people were at the gathering.

    The incident remains under investigation.