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Teens Save Family Pets From House Fire



    News4's Kristin Wright talks with two teenagers who thought fast to save family pets when they discovered a house was on fire. (Published Thursday, April 3, 2014)

    Call it divine intervention, a stroke of good luck or just plain perfect timing. A couple of teenage girls saved two family pets Thursday from a house fire, just in the nick of time. 

    The teens attend Yorktown High School in Arlington, and had decided to run across the street to grab tea from one of their houses.

    "I saw black fog on the window," 14-year-old Sydney Davis said. It was her house that was on fire. "I opened the door and there was just this big burst of black smoke coming out. The first thing that came to my mind was saving my dogs, [Sam and Dave]."

    Davis and a friend threw a large rock through the back door, shattering it to pieces.

    "We were just calling them and calling them and we didn't hear a thing," she said. "I just jumped inside and looked for their cage."

    Davis and her friend, Amanda Burtin, had to get out of the house -- they couldn't take in anymore smoke.

    Luckily, fire crews arrived to the home shortly after, and were able to rescue the two dogs with the guidance of the girls.

    Once outside the home, the two dogs -- a Wheaten Terrier and an Australian Shepherd -- were immediately put on oxygen.

    "We were waiting for [them] to show a sign of life and finally we saw a head poke up," Burtin said. 

    "[I'm] just glad everyone is OK," Davis said.