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Alexandria Taxi Drivers Push for Fare Hike

Claim city laws are putting them out of business



    Alexandria Taxi Drivers Push for Fare Hike
    Taxi passengers in Alexandria may soon see the meter rising a little faster than they are used to.

    Passengers may have to dig a little deeper into their pockets if taxi drivers in Alexandria, Va., get their way.

    Drivers say city laws are making it tough for them to make a living, and some are now pushing to raise fares, according to the Washington Examiner.
    The problem began in 2005, when the city passed a law requiring taxi drivers to respond to at least two dispatch calls per day. Despite the law, some lawmakers say taxi drivers are still not complying.
    "It's still a challenge to call a taxi company and get service at your house," Councilman Rob Krupicka told the Examiner. He says that some drivers ignore dispatch calls to stay at places like Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, where they can pick up higher fares.
    The paper reports at least one taxi company has gone out of business since the laws went into effect.
    Right now, a review of the taxi laws is under way. Depending on the findings, the city could do away with dispatch penalties.
    The Alexandria City Council is also expected to take up new taxi regulations next month. A spokesman for the city’s transportation department says a fare increase is a possibility. It would be the first in more than three years in the city.