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Tax Day? Who Cares?

Tax Day may not be so taxing for millions of Americans



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    They say that nothing is certain but death and taxes, but even taxes aren’t certain for many Americans -- at least federal taxes.

    In fact, almost half of all U.S. households won’t pay a dime in federal income taxes for 2009, according to the Tax Policy Center.

    Tax analysts say a number of factors are behind the number. Many households’ incomes are simply too low. That’s especially the case this year, with unemployment sill hovering near 10 percent.

    Other families have enough credits, deductions and exemptions to keep them from paying. Consulting firm Deloitte Tax said a family of four can make as much as $50,000 a year and owe no federal taxes, as long as that family includes two children under the age of 17.

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    Tax cuts also have kept many Americans from owing the federal government anything.

    Even if you don’t owe any federal income taxes, you’re still required to file your return. You may also still owe your state (or the District) money.