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Take a Shot for Your Health

Doctors expect more H1N1 vaccine in Virginia



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    If you have been looking for that very sought out injection of the good stuff, the H1N1 vaccine may soon be coming to a pharmacy near you.

    The supply of swine flu vaccines is expected to increase over the next several weeks, making it easier for people who are not in the high-risk groups to get them.
    Doctors in Virginia say they want to bring up the amount of people who are vaccinated in the state from 11 percent to about 35 percent.
    "So it’s open to the general public through their doctor’s office and through the health departments. What we don’t have right now is enough vaccine to have it be in every neighborhood pharmacy and every big-box store that would like to be part of this campaign," said Virginia Health Commissioner Dr. Karen Remley.
    Remley, however, hopes to announce within the next two weeks that H1N1 vaccines will be available at retail pharmacies.
    Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services launched a new campaign to keep up interest in vaccinations, warning that the flu is unpredictable and that another wave of cases could hit this winter.
    Just be sure to add "swine flu shot" to your list of to-do’s over the holidays or you may be dealing with some serious consequences in the New Year.