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White Powder Sent to Silver Spring Office

Two Verizon workers complain of irritation



    White Powder Sent to Silver Spring Office
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    An envelope containing a threatening letter and white powder that was sent to a Daly City financial institution Tuesday appears to be part of a series of mailings to more than 30 financial institutions nationwide, an FBI special agent said Wednesday.

    A white powder was sent to a Verizon office in Silver Spring, Md., causing two employees to complain of some type of minor irritation.

    Capt. Oscar Garcia of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue said that hazmat teams went to the building on Columbia Pike just after 3 p.m. Tuesday. The envelope with the suspicious power was in the company’s mailroom.

    The woman who opened the envelope said a small amount of powder in it irritated her nose. Another worker also complained of irritation. Both were treated at the scene.

    Garcia said because of the small of amount of powder, hazmat teams were unable to determine what it was. He said it was
    classified as undetermined and nontoxic.