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Suspect Charged in Laser Light Case



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    As if fighting crime isn't dangerous enough.  

    Fairfax County Police arrested and charged a Springfield man with shining lights at one of its police helicopters.   

    The flight crew was in the skies above Newington Forest Avenue and Winding Way at about 5:15 a.m. Feb. 12, searching for a culprit in an unrelated case. As they hovered around the neighborhood, a green laser light and a white light suddenly appeared and blocked their view. They couldn't see the ground or their equipment. 

    Officers later figured out that the lights came from a home on the 7800 block of Blue Jasmine Court. A man who lived there, 47-year old Raymond Poli, was arrested on March 4.

    Man Accused of Messing With Chopper Pilots

    [DC] Man Accused of Messing With Chopper Pilots
    A Fairfax County man was arrested for interfering with a police helicopter pilot.
    (Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

    Police said they believe Poli shined the lights because he was irritated by the early-morning chopper noise. 

    Poli faces a slew of charges including interfering with the operation of an aircraft, endangering life and obstruction of justice.  

    Interfering with the operation of an aircraft is not only a knucklehead move, it can land you in jail for up to five years and cost you  $2,500 in fines.