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Superman: The Cartoon

Fenty, Rhee appear in animated Taiwan news report



    New Shoulder Replacement Procedure Gives the Gift of Movement

    “Supported by DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, education councillor Michelle Rhee was determined to reform the system. She fired hundreds of teachers in DC. But Fenty and Rhee were overwhelmed by forces against education reform. They both lost their jobs.”

    So reports Taiwan’s Next Media Animation, which reports the news of the world in often-hilarious computer animation. In NMA’s latest video, Rhee -- portrayed as Rambo with a broom -- chases a teacher dressed as a clown from a classroom after the clown teaches a class that 1+3=5. Rhee then high-fives a Sims version of Fenty (with an machine gun!), before they are both literally beaten down by opponents of reform.

     The virtual Washingtonians appear in an NMA report on the documentary “Waiting for ‘Superman,’” which claims “some students ‘graduate’ to jail rather than get a degree, but schools are powerless to fire teachers if they are protected by the Teacher’s Union.”

    Among NMA’s many other takes on American news are reports on Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell and former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater.

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