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Super Trooper Antics in Howard County

Officer drove a golf cart into a shop



    Super Trooper Antics in Howard County
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    Some Howard County police officers are in hot water after their allegedly “unacceptable” and unruly behavior in Ellicott City, Md.

    The officers, who were off-duty at the time, were attending a fundraising event that included a golf tournament, auction and banquet. According to the Columbia Flier, some of the officers and attendees got more than a little rowdy.

    People who attended the event complained that some officers and golfers were drinking excessively, jumping in a lake and at least one drove a golf cart into the Turf Valley Pro Shop, where the event was held.

    “When you’re taking that oath to be a police officer, you’re pledging to live up to high standards,” County Executive Kenneth Ulman told the Columbia Flier.

    “We hold our police officers to a very high standard in Howard County… any behavior that does not live up to that is disappointing and will be dealt with appropriately,” he added.

    Police Chief William McMahon said while the officers were off-duty at the time, they still should have held themselves to a higher regard.

    Gregory Der, the Police Officers’ Association president, told the Columbia Flierthat despite the mishaps, the event was successful and the group was still able to raise money for families of fallen officers. He said at future events, alcohol might be taken off the menu, or at least limited.