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Substitute Teacher Investigated After Assault Allegation

Prince George's County Schools dismisses teacher



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    Prince George’s County Schools dismissed a substitute teacher after a 10-year-old boy accused him of assault.

    The accused substitute teacher felt that D’Andre Davis was misbehaving -- continuing to talk after he was asked to stop -- in his fifth grade English class at Lake Arbor Elementary School in Mitchellville, Md., Tuesday. So the teacher assaulted D’Andre, the boy’s mother said.

    "The scuffle amounted to him forcibly grabbing my son and forcibly pushing him to the ground several times,” Asha Davis said. “He tried to physically remove him from the classroom in a manner that his glasses fell off his face and he was thrown out into the hallway onto the floor."

    She kept D’Andre home Wednesday.

    “He woke up this morning and he asked if the substitute teacher was going to hurt us, and I told him no,” she said.

    In a recorded phone call, the principal informed parents that the teacher was removed and will not substitute at the school again.

    "Anytime an allegation of physical abuse occurs, we immediately contact Child Protective Services,” read a statement from the school district. “We conducted an internal investigation of the incident and found no signs of physical abuse. We will deal with the substitute teacher appropriately."

    The teacher has been dismissed and no longer is in the school system as a substitute, a representative of Prince George’s County Public Schools told News4.

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