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Strip Mall Fire in Pr. George's County

Firefighters take two hours to put out wind-aided blaze



    Strip Mall Fire in Pr. George's County

    A two-alarm fire in a Prince George's County strip mall troubled firefighters for two-and-a-half hours early Saturday morning.

    The fire broke out at approximately 3:45 a.m. at 3204 Branch Avenue in Hillcrest Heights. Fire investigators say that the fire started in the middle of the complex and spread to the outer stores. Officials say that 45 firefighters were eventually required to extinguish the fire, which was fed by high winds. Another 30 firefighters were on standby when the blaze was extinguished. At one point, part of the roof collapsed, which necessitated the evacuation of the firefighters from the building.

    A damage estimate was not immediately available, nor was a cause of the fire immediately clear. No injuries were reported.