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Strip Club's Obama Joker Banner Defaced

"RAPIST" written over banner



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    Someone has vandalized a banner on a Richmond strip club that depicts President Barack Obama as the Joker.

    The graffiti includes the word "RAPIST," an apparent reference to a criminal case involving Velvet's owner, Samuel J.T. Moore III.

    He was convicted last year of three misdemeanor charges related to having sex with a minor and another female at his apartment above the club, and filming it illegally.

    Moore wasn't charged with rape in that case. He was charged previously with two counts of rape that were dismissed without
    trial in 2003, according to Richmond court records.

    The banner was the target of a protest Monday that was organized by the Virginia NAACP.

    Moore said in a statement that the display is not intended to make a racial statement, but rather to express his displeasure with the Obama administration, according to WTVR-TV.

    "This country is going to hell in a hand bag and the current administration is making things irreversibly worse," Moore said.