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String of Thefts From Lockers Hits No. Virginia Gyms



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    Police in Alexandria, Loudoun County and Leesburg working together to find the man responsible for a string of gym robberies hope a surveillance picture showing some one cashing in on the thefts at a Walmart helps them find their man. 

    “He’s got bright orange ear muffs,” Alexandria police spokesperson Jody Donaldson said. “We’re hoping that someone will recognize that particular item or the suspect and give us a call.”
    The first theft was Feb. 19 at Fitness First in Loudoun County. Someone broke into a locker in the Ashburn gym, took the victim’s car keys and stole a wallet from the car, police said. Someone then used the victim's plastic to buy electronic equipment and gift cards at a Best Buy in Leesburg.
    The next theft took place Feb. 26 in Herndon. Someone racked up a $1,000 bill at Walmart with a credit card stolen from Worldgate.
    Most recently, someone got past the security desk at Fitness First in Van Dorn Plaza, entered the locker room, found an open locker and took a credit card from a gym bag, police said. Just like the previous two thefts, that credit card was used nearby -- this time for $2,500 in gift cards at a Best Buy, Alexandria police reported.
    “Because we’ve been able to tie this suspect to two other cases, most likely he’s still doing it, and there might even be more cases that we haven’t been made aware of yet,” said Donaldson.
    Gym goers at the Fitness First in Alexandria can’t believe it happened where they work out.
    “I’ve been here at least four years and that’s the first time I’ve ever heard something like that ever happening,” said Grady Poole.
    “We kind of look out for one another,” said Charles Knight. “But some people I do see that they do leave their clothes in a locker and don’t lock it, and that’s a little too trusting, I think.”
    Eddie Poroj admitted he doesn’t always lock his locker when working out.
    “Wow, that’s good to know. I’ll definitely pay closer attention now to my stuff,” said Poroj. “I definitely have to go to CVS and buy [a lock] now."