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Speed Cams Blinded -- For Now

Montgomery Co. police take vandalism "very seriously"



    Speed Cams Blinded -- For Now
    A vandalized speed camera.

    Was it supposed to be a silly summertime prank, or was there a more sinister motive behind the spray-painting of speed camera lenses early Monday morning in Montgomery County?

    Vandals struck two sets of speed cams in the Cabin John area by spray-painting over the camera's lenses, rendering them temporarily inoperable.

    The cameras are located on Seven Locks Road, near the Palisades Pool. Officials said the vandalism most likely happened early Monday morning.

    The contractor that owns and maintains the cameras will be replacing the lenses and using spray paint remover on the camera box. The company has plenty of experience with cleaning and repairing the cameras, which are designed to be resistant to vandalism.

    Speed Cams Vandalized

    [DC] Speed Cams Vandalized
    Two sets of speed cameras in Montgomery County were vandalized early Monday morning.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2009)

    Though many people express their disapproval of the devices, speed enforcement cameras are installed at the request of the community, Montgomery County Police said. Each speeding ticket costs $40.

    Police said they take the vandalism very seriously.