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SmarTrip Makes a Smart Move

Prepaid card slides into the age of the I nternet



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    SmarTrip users may soon be able to get their information online.

    The convenient pre-paid Metro Transit card got preliminary approval from Metro's Board of Directors today to allow online access to the card's registered owner. The process won't be easy, though. First, Metro will gather the SmarTrip user's personal information. Then the user will be required to establish a user name, password, responses to three security questions and a digital signature to confirm that he or she is the registered user of the card, according to the Metro Transit Web site.

    Not only will this save lots of trees, it will also save Metro money. Currently, anyone who wants their SmarTrip information has to make a request through the Public Access to Records Policy and responses are given out in hard copy. In total, Metro will save $6,000 per year of staff time and copying costs.

    The board still needs to approve the measure during a meeting on April 22, but Metro sapd customers should expect to access their SmarTrip information online by July 2010 along with other service improvements that are expected this year.