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Shave Chuck Todd!

NBC correspondent bet his beard on the NLCS



    NBC's Chuck Todd must consider whether to shave his trademark goatee or make a charitable donation after losing a baseball bet. (Published Friday, Oct. 23, 2009)

    WASHINGTON -- NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd bet his face on the National League Championship Series, so he may soon be sporting a new look.

    Todd picked the Los Angeles Dodgers and ABC's Jake Tapper went with the Philadelphia Phillies. The loser was to adopt the winner's facial hairstyle of choice. Had the Dodgers won, Tapper would be growing a goatee. But following last night's loss, Todd is considering shaving his off.

    "It was his suggestion that that be the bet," Todd backpedaled. "I never quite agreed to it."

    There is a charitable opt out, Todd explained. He could make a donation to a charity of Tapper's choice and keep his goat.

    "I'm a typical Washingtonian," Todd said. "I've always got something to hide."

    In this case, it's his second chin.

    Todd hasn't been goat-less since 2001, when he concluded a two-to-three-year stretch without the beard.

    "The hardest part of this is my children won't recognize me if I walk in the door," he said. "They have never known me without it. My father had a beard, and I never knew him without the beard. I've seen pictures of it, and it has scared me."

    He later tweeted that shaving could invalidate his White House travel credentials.

    No excuses, Chuck. No reneging. We want to see those chins.

    Todd gets a night to consider what he'll do before announcing his decision on the "Today" show Friday morning.

    UPDATE:  Todd appeared on the "Today" show ... and is still waffling.  He showed up with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who brought props.

    "Chuck's presidential pardon has been denied," Gibbs said. "I brought a razor and some shaving cream.  It won't hurt a bit."

    Despite much pressure from Al Roker, Todd refused to give in and get a shave.  Razorgate continues...