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Senior Prank Puts Prom in Jeopardy



    School officials said a prank food fight went too far, and now all remaining senior activities this year could be canceled. (Published Friday, May 13, 2011)

    A senior prank food fight has put one Virginia high school’s senior prom in jeopardy because school officials think it went too far.

    The food fight broke out Thursday during the last lunch period at West Springfield High School.

    “I saw a taco, an apple, yogurt, just a bunch of stuff flying through the air,” student Aaron Self said.

    Self and other students said they did their best to stay clear of the melee. School officials said some students suffered minor injuries.

    As a result, administrators have put this year’s senior activities on hold. That means the class trip, the class picnic and the senior prom are in jeopardy, pending the outcome of the school’s investigation.

    An email to parents asked that they discuss the roles, if any, their children played in the incident.

    Some parents think it’s appropriate to deter such behavior in the future, but others argue that the school’s response is too harsh and too broad and that only those found to be responsible should be punished. Likewise, many seniors said they should not have to suffer for the acts of a few of their classmates.

    “Seniors are going to be seniors,” said student Nichole Edwards, who was not at school that day. “There were pranks in the years before this and the fact that ours is being looked at so badly is unfair.”

    One parent said she was thankful that the school informed her and other parents of the incident and she had nothing but praise for the school administration.

    “I think it’s a great school, we love it here and everyone is very supportive,” she said.

    School officials are still deciding who to punish and how for the food fight. An official said a decision is not likely before next week.