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Second Person Dies From Home Depot Crash

Was struck by Lincoln Town Car in Hyattsville Nov. 24



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    A second person is dead of injuries sustained after being hit by a car outside a Hyattsville Home Depot on Thanksgiving Day.

    Police confirmed that Jose Cristino Sanchez-Rosa of Falls Church had died Friday of injuries sustained in the accident. Sanchez-Rosa was believed to be around 40 years old at the time of his death.

    Sanchez-Rosa was one of five day laborers who were standing on an island in the parking lot of the Home Depot on the 3300 block of East-West Highway when they were struck by a Lincoln Town Car on the afternoon of November 24.

    Sanchez-Rosa and three other men who were struck were initially hospitalized, while 41-year-old Fredy Castillo-Leon of Hyattsville was killed after being wedged between the tires of an 18-wheeler.

    Pedestrian Dies After Car Accident in Hyattsville

    [DC] Pedestrian Dies After Car Accident in Hyattsville
    One person is dead after a car slammed into a group of people standing in a Home Depot parking lot in Hyattsville, Md.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011)

    A witness told News4 that the accident appeared to be deliberate, while other reports claimed that the 79-year-old driver suffered a medical emergency and lost control of the car as a result.

    The investigation into the initial accident is ongoing.