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Saturday Night Supermoon



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    There was a full moon Saturday night, but not just any old full moon.

    This moon was bigger and brighter. In fact, the moon appeared to be 14% bigger, and 30% brighter.

    This phenomenon is called a Supermoon. The moon looked this way because it was just 211,565 miles away from the earth. That's the closest its been since March of 1993.

    The moon's closer-than-normal proximity can cause slightly higher tide levels.  However, astronomers have discredited the internet rumor that this supermoon occurence had anything to do with the recent tsunami in Japan.

    Saturday Night Supermoon

    [DC] Saturday Night Supermoon
    The moon on Saturday was the closest to Earth its been since 1993.
    (Published Sunday, March 20, 2011)