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Leave Your Car Running in Pr. George's, Get a Fine



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    As the temperature drops this winter Prince Georges Country Police want to remind residents to keep safety in mind.

    They also want to remind people about an easy way to get a fine.

    During the cold months, residents tend to warm their cars in the mornings, creating a perfect opportunity for thieves to make off with their vehicles.
    Not only is this a dangerous habit, but a costly one as well.
    Anyone caught leaving a vehicle running unattended in the county faces a $70 ticket and one point on their driving record.
    According to police, auto thefts have continued to decline in Prince George's with the help of anti-theft devices and citizens not allowing vehicles to run unattended.
    Throughout the winter season, officers will be periodically looking for vehicles running unattended and issuing citations in areas with a history of auto thefts.