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Sheriff Warns of Telephone IT Scam

An Ashburn woman received an unsolicited phone call to fix her computer



    Cyber Scam Warning

    Authorities in northern Virginia are warning people about a cyber scam targeting your personal information. (Published Wednesday, June 29, 2011)

    The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office wants residents to be aware of a telephone scam spreading through the county.

    The scam involves your money and a computer.

    In a recent case, an Ashburn, Va., woman received a call from a Microsoft representative advising her that her computer files and programs had been corrupted. The scammer then asked to remotely access her computer to fix the problem. The victim was then asked for her bank card information to purchase a virus protection program. At that point, the woman became suspicious of the call and contacted authorities. 

    The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office advises residents to never respond to unsolicited requests for personal information over the phone, including request to confirm, verify or update information. 

    According to Microsoft, they do not make unsolicited phone calls to help fix computers.