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Rising Gas Prices May Have Hit Peak

Analysts say gas prices may have leveled off... for now



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    Researchers say gas prices may have leveled off.

    According to the Lundberg survey, the price at the pump has gone up about 11.5 cents in the last two weeks. That's the smallest increase for a two week period since January.

    Researchers say even though we're heading into a season of higher demand, unused supplies should help keep gas prices lower. Steady crude oil prices are also helping to keep gas prices from rising.

    In past weeks, analysts expected gas prices to hit a peak in late April or early May.

    New numbers from AAA today show the average dropped a penny in the District to $4.17 for a gallon of regular gas. You're paying about $3.99 in Maryland which hasn't changed all weekend. Virginia drivers are paying $3.92 which is down just a fraction of a penny. And same story in West Virginia where the average is $3.96.