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Retired Police Officer Catches Burglar in His Home



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    Fairfax County Police
    Bruce Wiley, the retired police officer who caught a burglar in his home

    A teenage burglar may be wishing he picked a different house to rob after he was caught in the act by his victim -- a retired Fairfax County detective.

    Bruce Wiley was asleep inside his Reston, Virginia, home when a noise woke him up just before 3 a.m. Wednesday. 

    Police say Wiley, who retired in 2010, grabbed a flashlight and a collapsible baton before leaving his bedroom to confront the intruder. Catching the teen red-handed, Wiley pointed his flashlight at the suspect and ordered him to get on the ground, police say.

    The 17-year-old suspect didn’t listen, so Wiley struck him with the baton and took him to the ground while his wife called 911.

    The suspect was arrested then released into the custody of his parents. He will be charged with burglary.