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Remember, This is Only a Drill



    September is National Preparedness Month, so if you see a bunch of people with fake bruises and cuts, don't be alarmed.

    Through Sunday, Sept. 27, police in Arlington and District emergency first responders along with their federal partners are conducting mock preparedness drills at multiple locations throughout the city. Saturday's testing locations included 19th Street, between K and I Streets, the Dulles Greenway Park and Ride and the rail tracks north of Crystal City.

    Actors have been hired to play the parts of people injured in the fake emergencies, and just like in the movies, they've been made up to look like they've been attacked. Do not be alarmed.

    Some of them even smile when faced with news cameras -- a good tip off that this is not real, while others seem to be taking their roles quite seriously.

    And to make sure no one gets confused, law enforcement officials and first responders have also been passing out flyers to let local residents and businesses know when the drills begin. Now that's what we call being prepared.