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Registering to Vote



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    We're weeks away from the 2012 Presidential Election, and in order to vote, you need to be registered! Here's a breakdown of how and where to register in Maryland, Virginia and the District:

    Maryland: In Maryland, you can register online, your local board of elections; the State Board of Elections; the Department of Social Services; the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA); any public institutions of higher education. You can also mail in your application to the address found on the website. The deadline is October 16th.

    Virginia: In Virginia, you can register online, at your local voter registration office, at a public library, at the State Board of Elections office, at a DMV office, or at a Voter Registration Drive. The State Board of Elections requires your full Social Security Number in order to consider you a registered voter. The deadline is October 15th.

    D.C.: In D.C., you can register online, by mail, or at the following government agencies: DMV, Department of Corrections, Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, Office of Aging, Department of Parks and Recreation and Department of Human Services. You can technically register to vote in D.C. on Election Day, provided you have proof of residency when you go and vote.