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Red Light Cameras In Alexandria Catch Thousands

Drivers not stopping for red light cams.



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    Scott Weber

    Drivers don't appear to be hitting the brakes for red-light cameras in Alexandria, Va.

    According to police, the city's three traffic cameras have caught thousands of red light runners -- more than 3,200 in the first three months of 2012.

    "I would definitely say that it is very alarming for the number of violations at those three intersections," Jody Donaldson, commander of the Public Information Office with the Alexandria Police Department, told WTOP.

    The cameras are operational 24 hours a day. They were installed at the intersections of Duke and Walker streets, Franklin and South Patrick, and Gibbon and South Patrick streets last summer.

    More than half of the tickets -- 1,996 -- were issued by the camera at Gibbon and South Patrick. Another 629 tickets were administered from the camera at Duke and Walker, and 597 were from South Patrick and Franklin.

    The fines are $50 each. So far, they've generated about  $100,000 in revenue for Alexandria.