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Record Snowfalls Around the Area

We're #4! We're #4!



    Record Snowfalls Around the Area
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    A man walks at the national mall wearing ski in Washington, DC, on February 7, 2010. Hundreds of emergency crews battled on February 7, to clear snow-clogged roads and restore power to thousands of homes across the US east coast before a new storm hits, aided by some welcome winter sun.

    Now that we're all starting to dig out -- although a thaw will be a long time coming -- it's time to take stock of exactly what the heck happened around here. Hey, we're Washingtonians; that means we're overachievers. We want to be the best at everything... even snowstorms.

    Washington Reagan National Airport reported 17.4 inches, says NBC4 meteorologist Chuck Bell. That makes it the #4 snowfall of all time at that location.

    Dulles International Airport, which typically has higher amounts, reported a whopping 28.9 inches of the white stuff, making this the #1 snowfall for the airpot, beating out the January 1996 blizzard.

    BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport got 26.0 inches, beating out the whopper of the President's Day blizzard in February 2003. The still-reigning champion at BWI is the January 1922 Knickerbocker Blizzard, so named for the collaspe of the Knickerbocker Theatre in Adams Morgan.

    Snowmagaddon '10 and Snowpocalypse '09 have unseated previous storms to both land squarely on the list of the top 10 storms of all time. The list, as it now stands:

    1. Jan. 27-28, 1922: 28 inches
    2. Feb. 11-13, 1899: 20.5 inches
    3. Feb. 18-19, 1979: 18.7 inches
    4. Snowmagaddon '10: 17.8 inches
    5. Jan. 6-8, 1996: 17.1 inches
    6. Feb. 15-18, 2003: 16.7 inches
    7. Feb. 11-12, 1983: 16.6 inches
    8. Snowpocalypse '09: 16.4 inches
    9. Feb. 15-16, 1958: 14.4 inches
    10. Feb. 7, 1936: 14.4 inches

    The snow totals on the list were all recorded at National Airport, except for the first two. Those snowfalls were measured downtown.