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Real Marine Claims Phony War Experience

Sgt. Budwah expected to plead guilty



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    Funny, that doesn't look like Okinawa.

    Someone faking war experience or claiming medals they haven't earned isn't all that unusual, even if it's about as low as human can go.  But when that faker is an active-duty Marine, it's something else entirely.

    Sgt. David Budwah, who's based at Quantico, is expected to plead guilty this week during court martial proceedings, reported Budwah was charged with charged with making false official statements, malingering, misconduct and larceny after he falsely claimed to have served in Afghanistan.

    Budwah, who the Marine Corps said was stationed almost entirely in Okinawa, had claimed that during his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, he suffered injuries while diving towards a grenade in order to save a buddy.

    Budwah was able to claim PTSD and was transferred to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, where he apparently concocted the combat story.

    While in Bethesda, Budwah used the sympathy this country shows its wounded warriors to get into free concerts and sporting events. He was very likely one of the honorees the Nats show on the Jumbotron each and every home game.

    Budwah was just one of two Marines to have been charged with wearing illegal decorations last year. He is expected to enter his plea Wednesday morning.