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Q-Ray Bracelet Scam

$11 million refunded



    New Shoulder Replacement Procedure Gives the Gift of Movement
    The "Gold Deluxe" Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet

    Refund checks are in the mail to consumers who were defrauded when they bought Q-Ray Ionized Bracelets thinking they would relieve pain.

    The Federal Trade Commission said QT Inc., Q-Ray Company and Bio-Metal made false and misleading advertising claims that the bracelet provided immediate and significant pain relief and deceptively advertised their refund policy.

    The FTC said it is returning $11.8 million to those who were scammed. Consumers who bought the bracelets and filed a claim form with the FTC will receive an average of $47 and should get the checks in the mail by mid-June.

    If you want more information on the refunds click here.

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