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Light Rail Could Disrupt Capital Crescent Trail

Proposed Purple Line angers Montgomery County residents



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    Some Montgomery County residents are seeing red over some construction plans for the proposed Purple Line. They’re angry over plans to move a portion of the Capital Crescent Trail above ground.

    Right now, the trail runs through a tunnel under Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda, Md. That may change, in order to make way for Purple Line light rail trains to reach the proposed Bethesda station.

    Under the new configuration, the Capital Crescent Trail would be moved to an elevated path or tube.

    That isn’t sitting well with some people, who see the new arrangement as dangerous. Many joggers, bikers and commuters use the tunnel right now. Students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School also use it to get to school and bypass the busy Wisconsin Avenue.

    The Montgomery County Planning Board may come to the rescue. It’s asking the state to look into moving the location of the Bethesda station to accommodate the trail.

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