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Puppy Stolen From Maryland Rescue Group

Seven-week-old Mango was still nursing



    Puppy Stolen From Maryland Rescue Group
    Animal Resource Foundation


    A seven-week-old puppy swiped from a Queen Anne's County shelter has been returned, reports the Washington Post's Michael S. Rosenwald.

    Mango was returned by a man who said he found him in a box in his yard, Rosenwald writes:

    Having seen flyers with Mango’s picture, the man called the director, Susan Beall, and made arrangements to drop the dog off.

    "I do not believe he was the one that actually took the dog," Beall said in an e-mail.

    The man did not give his name or phone number. He did not want the $1,000 reward.


    A still-nursing puppy was swiped from a Maryland rescue group this week, the Washington Post first reported.

    A couple visited the Animal Resource Foundation in Chester, in Queen Anne's County around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, a staff member named Kathy told NBC Washington.

    They played with a miniature pinscher/dachshund puppy named Mango, as well as his two siblings.

    “After about 40 minutes, the woman got up and left without saying anything,” said Kathy, who didn’t want her last name used. “The lady who was working here thought , ‘Oh that was weird’.”

    The man stayed for a few more minutes, but staff members weren’t watching him closely. “We’re a very small staff and it’s hard to feed and walk [the pets] and all that [and supervise visitors,” Kathy said.

    No one had ever tried to take an animal before, but after the man left, a staff member realized that seven-week-old Mango was missing.

    “We do a background check [on adopters]; we’re very particular about who takes our animals,” she said.

    Mango weighs less than two pounds, and hadn’t been weaned or wormed. He’s had only one of his necessary shots so far. And he’d already been spoken for -- a family had applied to adopt him, and were just waiting for him to get old enough.

    “I know they know the situation,” Kathy said. “I’m sure they’re upset.”

    Kathy described the man as six feet tall, possibly biracial, and had one arm completely tattooed. She described the woman as thin, and Caucasian with brown hair. They left in a small, dark sedan.

    The group is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of Mango.