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Principal Accused of Bullying Teachers to Inflate Grades



    Northern Virginia Bureau reporter David Culver reports on accusations that the principal of Loudoun Valley High School is pressuring teachers to inflate grades. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013)

    Some Loudoun Valley High School teachers say they're getting bullied by their principal to inflate students’ grades to make the school look better.

    Jaime Baird has three daughters at Loudoun Valley and one who has graduated.

    "I have noticed that though my kids get straight As, they didn't do as well on the SAT, and that seemed to be forming a little bit of disconnect," she said.

    Her daughter Jaina has noticed a strange trend, too.

    “I do feel like sometimes the teachers give us easy worksheets, tests, quizzes to bump up the grades," she said.

    Leesburg Today published accusations Wednesday morning that Principal Sue Ross bullies her teachers into boosting grades. Those teachers took their frustration and fear to the Loudoun Education Association.

    "I had people in that meeting -- strong, successful teachers -- with tears in their eyes telling me they felt pressure to change grades and I knew we had a problem," Loudoun Education Association Director Patsy Layer said.

    Forty people showed up for the first meeting, Layer said. They are often expected to change Fs to Cs.

    "If they had any grades less than a C, there would be some kind of reprisal," Layer said.

    Ross told Leesburg Today she never forced her teachers to change grades but admitted she pushes for excellence.

    Loudoun County school leaders wouldn’t comment beyond saying they’re investigating the claims.