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Prince George's County Whole Foods Back In Play



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    It could be the first Whole Foods in Prince George’s County -- again.

    Tuesday, News4 learned that the Cafritz Property at Riverdale Park officially re-submitted their plan to bring the coveted grocer to the Riverdale area.

    The firm had withdrawn the plan just ahead of the Prince George’s County Planning Department’s staff report recommendations in January of this year.

    The staff report cited the organization’s failure to meet multiple zoning conditions, and in a January 28th meeting, University Park Council members discussed the presentation of three questionable letters written by Cafritz attorney Richard Reed.

    In the University Park’s February newsletter, Mayor John Tabori stated, “The Cafritz team did not help its cause by releasing three letters with misleading authorship and agreement language.”

    According to the Washington Post, Reed intended to present the letters as placeholders. The University Park Council, however, was prepared to accept them as official support for the planned mix-use development, though no signatures had been obtained from the identified local officials.

    A spokesperson for the project tells NBC4 that Cafritz anticipates going before the Planning Board in mid-May.

    Until then, a representative of the Prince George’s County Planning Department indicates the new preliminary plan will go to the staff for review.

    University Park will hold a town hall meeting Wednesday, March 20 to discuss the latest developments with the project.

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