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Maryland Says Losing an Eye Worth $213

Appeals court awards a much higher amount



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    How much is an eye worth in Maryland?  The state thought $213 was about right, but a Maryland appeals court disagreed.

    The appeals court turned down the state’s offer of $213.87 to a former inmate who lost his right eye in a jailhouse attack, according to the Washington Examiner.  The Court of Special Appeals determined that Maryland's Criminal Injuries Compensation Board should pay Neal $25,000 -- the maximum amount for his injury.

    Court records show that Neal, formerly of Prince George’s County, was sleeping in a pre-release center in Jessup when he was attacked, the Examiner reported. His eyeball was injured and was later removed.  The board argued that Neal’s disability was temporary because it would not affect his future earning potential. It claimed it only owed Neal $213.87 because the injury sidelined him for three weeks from his work-release employment.

    A Prince George’s County Circuit Court judge agreed with the board before the appeals court changed the ruling.