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President Obama to Meet with Silicon Valley Execs



    President Obama to Meet with Silicon Valley Execs

    Silicon Valley will descends on Washington, D.C. Tuesday.

    Fifteen tech executives have agreed to a face-to-face chat with President Obama. According to Apple Insider, the conversation will cover the National Security Agency's controversial surveillance programs and the problems plaguing

    Apple CEO Tim Cook and Yahoo's President Marissa Mayer will be among those in attendance. The CEO of Twitter and an executive from Google will also be there, Time Magazine reported.

    The meeting comes after an open letter from several of the companies was sent to President Obama and Congress, protesting the scope of the NSA. 

    Monday, a federal judge ruled that NSA's gathering of data on telephone calls made in the United States appears to be unconstitutional.

    Judge Richard Leon, an appointee of former President George W. Bush, said the NSA relied on "almost-Orwellian technology" that would have been unimaginable when the Supreme Court ruled on phone records a decade ago, and he ruled that the two plaintiffs who had sued over the NSA program would likely prevail at trial on their Fourth Amendment claims.