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Pregnant Rider Questions Metro Manners



    A pregnant Metro rider details her experiences with seemingly able-bodied Metro riders who don't give up their seats for riders who may need them more. Darcy Spencer reports. (Published Thursday, June 13, 2013)

    A pregnant woman who uses the Metro every day to get to and from work says she is noticing a lack of manners aboard the trains.

    Laurie, who did not want her last name revealed, rides the Metro from Grosvenor Park to Dupont Circle. She is seven months pregnant, and says on a daily basis, many Metro riders refuse to give up their seats for her.

    “There have been people sitting down that just look up at my belly then look right back down. I’m carrying 15 extra pounds," Laurie said.

    Laurie contends riders should give up their seats not only to her, but to other pregnant women as well as others needing to sit down.

    "A good deed doesn't go unnoticed," Laurie said.

    Laurie took to the blog "Unsuck D.C. Metro" to air her grievances. More than 130 people commented on her post, some mentioning she "chose to get pregnant."

    She admits she doesn't ask people to get up when she needs a seat.

    "It's not an entitlement thing," Laurie said. "My feet hurt and I would appreciate it if you gave up your seat and I promise I would appreciate you more and not take it for granted."

    Metro doesn't monitor this type of policy, but relies on Metro riders' common courtesy.