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Post Office Quiets Carolers in Silver Spring

Singers stopped after a few notes in post office lobby



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    A post office manager stopped a group of carolers from singing Saturday at a branch at the Aspen Hill Shopping Center in Silver Spring, Md., Fox News reported.

    Just a few notes after the trio -- dressed like characters from “A Christmas Carol” -- started singing, the manager muzzled them, saying they were violating the policy against solicitation, wrote J.P. Duffy, vice president of communications for the Family Research Council, who witnessed the incident.

    The carolers said they made the rounds at the shopping center every year, including the post office, but never got stopped before, Duffy wrote.

    “You can’t do this on government property,” he said. “You can’t go into Congress and sing” and so “you can’t do it here either,” he said smugly as the carolers turned sadly to leave.

    The manager held his ground despite protests from other customers, Duffy wrote.

    The post office is for postal business, a spokesperson told Fox:

    “Public assembly and public address, except when conducted or sponsored by the Postal Service, are prohibited in lobbies and other interior areas open to the public,” the spokesperson told Fox News & Commentary.