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Possible School Violence Averted

Teen posted violent plans for Leesburg school online



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    A Leesburg police car at Simpson Middle School

    In the wake of the high school shooting that killed three students in Chardon, Ohio, a potentially dangerous situation was prevented at a school in Loudoun County, Va.

    A concerned mother called Leesburg police Tuesday night after her son told her about an eighth-grader’s social networking posts about planning a violent act at Simpson Middle School, police said.

    The 13-year-old in question is getting psychiatric treatment, police said.

    "[His statements] were enough of a concern for the police department and his parents,” Lt. Jeff Dubae said.

    Student Averts Possible Crisis at Middle School in Leesburg

    [DC] Student Averts Possible Crisis at Middle School in Leesburg
    News 4's Erika Gonzalez has the latest on a Simpson Middle School student who possibly saved his school from a dangerous situation.
    (Published Thursday, March 1, 2012)

    Loudoun County Public Schools parents were notified about the incident Wednesday.

    The positive side to this story is the teen that allegedly posted the threat is now getting the help he deserves, said Wayde Byard, of Loudoun County Public Schools.

    "We're not going to turn our back on a student like this,” Byard said. “We're going to make sure they get help and they can continue their education and realize the gravity of their mistake and make up for it."

    The teen hasn’t been charged, and police have not said whether that could change.

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