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Deeds, Colbert Find Common Ground: Gun-Toting Toddlers

Former Va. governor candidate introduces controversial bill



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    New parents have a lot to think about. What should I feed my baby? How much is college going to cost? When can my little one grab a rifle and start hunting?

    To that end, a former candidate for governor in Virginia is getting behind the idea of a creating lifetime hunting licenses in the commonwealth.
    According to The Virginian-Pilot, Democratic state Sen. Creigh Deeds has introduced a bill that would make children under the age of 2 eligible for hunting licenses. 
    One supporter who is using his national platform to push the bill is Stephen Colbert. He, of course, called it a “fantastic idea.”
    “You can’t fail a background check if you don’t have a background yet,” Colbert quipped on his Comedy Central show.
    Colbert only wonders why the law cannot apply to fetuses. Watch his take here.
    While it may get some laughs, Deeds is taking it seriously. Under his bill, parents could buy permits for children of any age. They would cost $125 and would not expire. The only requirement is that the permit holder passes a hunting education course at age 12. Under the current law, junior hunting licenses expire at age 12 and cost $250.

    Deeds says it is not uncommon for children to be exposed to hunting at an early age in his part of the state.