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Police Offer Lawyers Crash Course in Catching Speeders



    New Tactic to Stop Speeders in Northern Virginia

    You may want to think twice before hitting the gas in northern Virginia. On Tuesday, a judge in Alexandria came up with a new idea to crack down on speeding. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011)

    A judge in Alexandria, Va., offered lawyers a better understanding of how police catch speeders Tuesday afternoon.

    On Tuesday, Alexandria police Sgt. Brian Thompson offered a quick course in laser speed detection devices to lawyers along South Washington Street, where the speed limit is 25 mph. The hands on experience helps lawyers understand the advantages and disadvantages of lasers and radar. The lawyers got a better understanding of how police officers operate, their training and the accuracy of the technology they use.

    “This is going to help us to ask the right questions when the officer comes in – to see the certification, to see the equipment and to make sure everything was calibrated properly,” defense attorney Gerylee Baron said.

    “I believe that a properly calibrated tool, whether it be laser or radar, in the hands of a properly trained officer is very, very accurate,” said Malcolm McIntyre, of Cosmonics Calibration Services.

    Alexandria General District Court Chief Judge Becky Moore hosted the seminar because she believes justice is served when both sides in a traffic case understand the science behind the technology being used.

    “Learn not just from the law books, but also from seeing the units, learning from the scientists that actually calibrate them,” Moore said.

    A speeding conviction can result in a fine of up to $250. If motorists are clocked at more than 20 mph over the speed limit, they can be charged with misdemeanor reckless driving