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Oxon Hill Police Chase Leads To Metrobus Crash



    Jackie Bensen reports (Published Friday, Dec. 28, 2012)

    Three men are under arrest after crashing a stolen car into a Metrobus - and police suspect they used the stolen car in a crime spree in DC and Maryland Friday morning before the crash.

    Prince George's County police were in pursuit of the vehicle in Oxon Hill when the stolen car collided with a Metrobus shortly before 10 a.m. Friday at Southern Ave. and Wheeler Road.

    According to police, the car, a white Nissan Maxima, had been stolen earlier in the day from the Landover area. Sources said that it was involved in several thefts in Hyattsville.

    One officer stopped the car, but the driver fled. When another police officer attempted to stop the vehicle for speeding, the driver continued to drive at a high rate of speed. The driver lost control of the car, struck a vehicle, spun and struck the bus. The three occupants of the car were taken into custody.

    The driver of the clipped vehicle was treated for minor injuries on the scene, but no one in the Nissan or on the Metrobus was injured.

    Sharon Gardner told News4's Jackie Bensen that she was a victim of the car's occupants before the crash. Garnder said she was vacuuming her car at the BP gas station on South Dakota Ave. NE around 9 a.m. when a man reached in through a window, grabbed her purse, and got into the car.

    Benses reported that Gardner yelled to the robber as he ran to a getaway car that justice would catch up with him.

    Gardner, the wife of a D.C. police officer, was there to see it happen: While the responding officer was still at the robbery scene, his police radio crackled with some news, Bensen reported. 


    The speeding Nissan had clipped a white Chevrolet, barely missed a lady pushing a baby stroller, then crashed, head-on, into the Metrobus.

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