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Pink Flamingo Flies Back to Bawlmer

City gives giant bird a reprieve



    Pink Flamingo Flies Back to Bawlmer
    It's the stuff of nightmares.

    Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, Baltimore's giant pink flamingo is returning to its perch.

    The giant bird has been perched over Cafe Hon for the past seven years in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood. Hampden's a neighborhood that prides itself on its working-class roots and its kitsch.  When you think Jon Waters movie, you're imagining Hampden (just with less dog poop.)

    As with all cool things citizens try to do to better their neighborhoods, the man got in the way. In this case, the city's tax collectors wanted a $800 yearly fee for the giant bird under the guise of a "minor privilege" permit.

    So instead of bleeding more money to Bawlmer, the Cafe's owner plucked the bird from its perch.

    But after a series of protests -- no doubt involving lots of polyester and hair spray -- the city has relented, reports the Sun.  The bird is going back.

    The city is assessing a smaller fee for the landmark flamingo and also agreeing to add a sign to I-83 pointing towards the neighborhood.

    And who wouldn't want to make a pit stop to see a giant pink bird?