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Piano Teaching Sex Offender Arrested

Failed to inform authorities about his Internet activities



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    A piano-teaching sex offender was arrested after failing to inform authorities about his internet activities.

    Charles Duwain Dillon advertised his piano teaching business on the Internet but he didn’t publicize his past as a convicted sex offender. In fact, he changed the spelling of his middle name to ‘Dwayne’ on his Web site,  which neighbors found suspicious.

    "It did disturb us that he wasn't using his registered name and all that, but we didn't know who to go to," said Melissa McMillan, who lives near Dillon. “He approached us to ask one of our daughters, to see if one of our daughters wanted to do piano lessons with him."
    The 58-year-old man gives piano lessons out of his Springfield, Va., home to children as young as 4. In 1998, Dillon was a piano teacher in Prince William County. He was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for possessing more than two dozen computer images of child pornography. Some of the images involved children as young as 3.
    Dillon got into trouble with the law again this week for failing to tell authorities about his Internet activities. He was arrested on Tuesday.
    Virginia law requires a registered sex offender to notify authorities within 30 minutes of any change to their Internet communication.