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Photographer Looking For Mystery Couple

Angila Golik wants to give the mystery couple a picture she took of them after their engagement



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    Angila Golik

    A Nevada woman snapped a picture of a couple getting engaged at the D.C. War Memorial earlier this month -- and now she's trying to find out who they are so she can give them the image.

    Angila Golik told the Today show blog that the couple was in the rotunda of the fenced off War Memorial and she took a couple of photos from about 100 yards away. "I'd like to give them their photos," she said. "That's my only goal. If it was me — because I was newly engaged at one time in my life — I would've loved if I had pictures of my proposal."

    Golik wrote on her Facebook page


    For all the hopeless romantics out there....Here's a cool one for ya. As we had just finished our visit of the MLK, Jr. memorial, we were walking towards the Washington Monument when at the War Memorial we see two people standing in the middle....the man pulls out a ring and proposes to the lady....then grabs her face and kisses her. He is dressed in Air Force Uniform. She said yes. I snapped a couple pictures from a distace. It was just too sweet! We don't know why he chose there to propose, but our guess is he is either a Veteran of the Iraqi or Afghanistan War or is getting ready to leave on tour. Whatever the reason, it was such a great moment to witness! A highlight of my trip. Please help me...SHARE THESE PHOTOS SO MAYBE I CAN FIND THIS COUPLE AND GIVE THEM THEIR PICTURES!