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Paul Ryan 1-on-1



    Julie Carey talks one-on-one with GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan. (Published Monday, Aug. 20, 2012)

    GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan says he’s no stranger to Virginia – he’s hunted and fished in the commonwealth before. Now he’s getting to know it’s gymnasiums and stadiums as he stirs up crowded rallies and steps into his new role: Mitt Romney’s supporter-in-chief and President Barack Obama’s chief critic.

    In a one-on-one interview Friday with News4’s Julie Carey, the Wisconsin congressman stayed on message and rejected the suggestion his plan for Medicare differs from that of Romney. “I’m on the Romney-Ryan team now and the Romney plan is to repeal everything in Obamacare including those cuts to Medicare."

    Ryan also tells News4 the GOP ticket will deliver tax reforms that will end loopholes that benefit the wealthy.  He insists Romney’s refusal to turn over more of his income tax returns won’t hurt the team’s credibility as it works to win over middle class voters. “People aren’t asking me details about tax returns,” said Ryan. “What they are asking me around this country and in Virginia is ‘where are the job, where is the economic growth, where are your ideas to grow this economy.”

    Ryan made it clear in one-on-one interview he was determined to stay on message, not make news.  He did reveal one secret though – his favorite Virginia fishing spot is Mattawoman Creek on Virginia’s Eastern Shore where he’s hooked quite a few big bass.