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Park Service: Jack's Boathouse Owner Not On Lease



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    Jack's Boathouse, summer 2012

    The National Park Service has offered an explanation for delivering Jack's Boathouse an eviction letter earlier this month.

    As first reported in the Washington Post, the NPS said the Georgetown boat business has been operating under a month-to-month lease. That lease has been unchanged since 1982 and was not in the name of Paul Simkin, the current owner.

    Simkin took over the business in 2009 when Frank Baxter, son of namesake Jack, died. 

    Park Service spokeswoman Carol Bradley Johnson told the Post that the federal agency wants a boathouse that will operate a "concession contract," which would mean a portion of the rent money would go to NPS.

    Currently Simkin's rent money -- $356 per month -- goes into an account for Georgetown Waterfront Park. The Park Service would like to open the contract up to bidders, including Simkin.

    The original eviction letter indicated that Simkin had to evacuate the space, located underneath the Key Bridge, by the end of January, but the Park Service stopped the process after being inundated with letters from supporters.